The Biodrum is built with a simple, robust and reliable technology. It is an essential equipment in the production of quality compost in order to provide an optimal biodegradable material in the anaerobic digestion processes for the profitable production of recovered solid fuel (SRF), not only of the organic fraction (green SRF) but SRF plastics as well and finally for the contribution of a high quality fuel in  energy recovery processes, like gasification.

Biodrum equipment from Bianna Iguaçumec is designed to reduce the rejection percentage produced in the Mechanical Biological treatment plants according to the following advantages in relation to more conventional solutions:

  • Standardization of the organic fraction with the ligno-cellulogic fractions of the RSU, with a great reduction of the fractions to be sent to the landfill, as nappies, paper and polluted cardboard and the rest of nature textile fibre.
  • 10% reduction of the humid basis waste.
  • Possible energy use of the Green-SRF use (see our process Waste to Cash
  • Optimal mixture of biodegradable and inorganic fractions to be used as fossils in gasification and pyrolysis processes.
  •  Increase of PCI fractions, the destination of which is the energy recovery in combustion process thanks to the dry material.
  • The rejection fraction is made up of inert material, what allow us to reduce disposal costs, being sent to these fractions landfills.


01 • Raised roof
02 • Crown gear
03 • Toothem rim
04 • Fans
05 • Discharge hopper
06 • Metal blade opener
07 • Internal shapes
08 • Maintenance door
09 • Lifting cylinder

The 4.25/48 Biodrum can process 90 tonnes of waste per day, with a residence time of 72 hours in continuous operation. The rotation between 0,75 and 1,5 revolutions per minute homogenizes and separates the material due to  the friction and exhaustion. Inside the Biodrum, the possibility of addition of water and leachate facilitates the organic aerobic degradation of the organic material, obtaining a reduction of the volume and the mass of the  biodegradable compound.  



Inner diameter: 2.500 mm
Total length: 25.800 mm
Power: 45 kW
Volume: 80 m3
Weight: 49.000 kg

Inner diameter : 3.000 mm
Total length: 29.300 mm longitud 30.000
Power: 55 kW
Volume: 123 m3  137m3
Weight: 52.000 kg

Inner diameter : 3.660 mm
Total length: 31.000 mm 32.000mm
Power: 90 kW
Volume: 215 m3 219m3
Weight: 100.000 kg

Inner diameter : 3.900 mm
Total length: 35.000 mm
Potencia: 145 kW
Power: 270 m3
Volume: 270 m3
Weight 160.000 kg

Inner diameter : 4.250 mm
Total length: 48.000 mm
Power: 250 kW
Capacidad material: 442 m3
Weight: 270.000 kg