Since 1993 Bianna Iguaçumec has been working in the Spanish and Portuguese markets so that Komptech equipment may be a benchmark as regards crushing, separation and classification of the mechanical processes for recovering waste.

The Bianna – Komptech pairing is synonymous with practicality, performance and profitability for our customers, offering the best solution for the needs of the process and contributing to greater profitability of the product.

Bianna Iguaçumec’s knowledge of the needs of the market, along with the know-how which Komptech has been acquiring for years, are a guarantee of success for obtaining the satisfaction of our customers.


High production system with reduced cost per ton, which is capable of chipping or crushing with a simple change of tools.

As a rapid crusher, material for composting can be produced – and as a slow crusher it can be used as a chipper to produce fuel for thermal plants.  The input material will determine whether this can be chipped or crushed with the different hammers the equipment has.


  • Long feed area, open at the front, capable of filling at both sides.
  • Aggressive feeding, thanks to the pre-compression obtained using 4 feed rollers, 2 vertical and 2 horizontal.
  • 2 crushing concepts: crusher mode or chipper mode.
  • Ideal service accesses to the motor and also the screening area.

The Chippo is a new generation of chipping systems by Komptech.

Choosing Chippo means obtaining good-quality chips at greatly reduced operating costs.

Many features improve output and keep wear, maintenance and energy costs low, including active feeding, an efficient cutting geometry and a belt for discharging the material.

The series extends from the 510 C, one of the most powerful tractor-driven machines, passing through the 5010 Cd , which is lorry-mounted, medium-high range chipper, to the high-output 8010 C system with a 780 CV motor.

Types of material that can be treated:

-Logs– biomass: The Chippo can process logs of up to 750 mm in diameter. A long and wide feeding table helps to load the logs conveniently. Two horizontal rollers help to grip the log and introduce it into the drum. The low revolutions of the drum and the optional discharge belt maximise the output of chips and the quality of the end product.

-Forest Residues: These materials are inherently sensitive to wear due to their origin. The design and mounting of the blades provide advantages, permitting them to quickly and accurately changed. A blade protection system minimises the wear that can be caused by the entry of unsuitable elements. The counterblade has a fast-adjustment mechanism to regulate the opening after refining or a change of blades. The input material has a large quantity of unsuitable elements, therefore in these cases we recommend using low-cost blades that can simply be thrown away after use.

-Prunings and tree crowns: The vertical feed rollers on both sides help to pull along voluminous material. rollers compress the material they are feeding, for precise chipping. A high drum speed increases the cutting frequency and maintains a high output, in combination with the optional feed control, depending on the load. For humid or heavy material, the option of the fan with high speeds prevents obstructions.

The Crambo is a double rotor, slow rotation crusher, capable of crushing material in all its possible forms – from branches and prunings with a high content in leaves, to stumps which weigh several tons, it can also crush pallets and wood waste with unsuitable elements  – everything can be crushed to the desired particle size.


  • High output
  • Aggressive feeding with two crushing rotors
  • Several sizes of output material thanks to the ease of changing screens
  • Highly resistant to unsuitable materials (metals, stones, etc.)
  • Slow rotation speed which minimises noise and dust emissions
  • Reduced wear to the cutting tools

Principal applications:

  • Crushing of residual wood for producing biomass
  • It does not matter if the waste contains humid materials, lawn cuttings or unsuitable elements.
  • Crushes and screens stumps and contaminated wood in a single pass.
  • Special applications such as organic material or waste

The Hurrikan air separator permits effective separation of the plastic film from the biomass and the structurant.

In the first step, the material is separated using a fan, and in the second step, the material is suctioned through a vent located at the top of the machine.

The suction can be adjusted, to regulate the separation of plastics (or unsuitable materials)

The quality of the remaining product can be improved by installing a magnetic separator or ballistic belt.


  • High capacity with 90% separation effectiveness
  • More powerful S version, thanks to a double suction system

Principal applications:

  • Cleaning of contaminated biomass
  • Cleaning of the structurant used in composting plants in order to be recycled free of contaminants.

The Mashmaster is a homogeniser of organic material and structurant which has 4 worm drives that mix the material until a totally homogenous product is obtained.

The Rasor is a secondary crusher for RSU production processes. The feeding by means of screws guarantees uniform consumption of power.

The material is crushed (practically without creating dust) using slowly rotating blades installed in the crushing unit. The automatic adjustment of the distance between the rotor and the counterblade guarantees minimum losses of energy during the crushing process.


  • Continuous feeding and automatic adjustment of the distance between the rotor and the counterblade ensure uniform power consumption.
  • The slow rotation of the rotor permits crushing with low levels of noise and dust
  • The pivoting counterblade enables easy accessibility for performing maintenance and servicing work

The widespread deployment of this machine in the market is a guarantee of its good performance and reliability.

Waste treatment always begins with crushing, where the input material is prepared fro the separation processes.

The Terminator is specifically designed for this task. It is a slow rotation, single rotor crusher that can be used with all types of waste.


  • Crushes even the most difficult materials
  • Pre-crusher robust and insensitive to unsuitable materials
  • Selection of types of rotor teeth depending on the work to be carried out
  • Mobile machine with hook, trailer or caterpillar options

The Topturn X models are designed for the most demanding applications.  The hydraulic operation along with the telescopic chassis permit total mobility on any type of terrain.

It ensures ideal working conditions for the driver and also for the process thanks to a revolving drum specifically designed for these types of activity.


  • Large revolving drum to ensure an excellent mix and great treatment capacity
  • Wheels for perfect traction and rapid mobility
  • Caterpillar tracks for unpaved terrains
  • Cabin which raises to ensure simple transport and access to it

Separation by screening is still one of the basic steps in the treatment of materials.

With many years’ experience in the construction of screening equipment, and with continuous development of the equipment, Komptech supplies screening drums that improve the selection processes, have innovative technology and provide the maximum benefit to our customers.

Our product portfolio, ranges from low production equipment liken the Jocker to large production machines like the Magnum. Machines which separate into two or three fractions. Possibility of electric motor or diesel generator, as well as diesel engines


  • Wide range of screening equipment to meet any requirement
  • Tested, robust solutions based on our great experience
  • Many options for configuring the equipment to the customer’s needs
  • Power options: diesel – hydraulic, diesel – electric or electric

Principal applications:

  • Compost screening processes
  • Biomass selection
  • Excavation materials, sands, etc.
  • Waste