The main target of the classification and selection treatment plants for light packaging is the recovery of recyclable material and the reduction of the reject material sent to the landfill. These facilities, as in the case of urban waste pretreatment, can be fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual.

The automation degree facility is driven by different parameters: number of fractions to be recovered, purity degree, plant production capacity (taking into account the ELL low level) minimum reject production requirements and labor saving.

Bianna Iguaçumec designs and builds the main equipment for these facilities (bag openers, ballistic separators, trommels, systems of pneumatic material collection, conveyor belts, bottle piercers…) and integrates the best available optical separation technologies, or screening technology, glass separation and magnetic and inductive separation. Or if needed, CSR production lines to get an optimal efficiency of the process.


Bianna Iguaçumec designs and builds light packaging treatment plants by adding the best separation technologies on the market, depending on the peculiarity of the separate collection implemented in every country.


  • Polymers: PET, PEAD, PEBD, PP, Unit dose container, etc.
  • TetraBric packaging
  • Ferrous /non-ferrous metal
  • Paper, cardboard
  • CSR
  • Rejection