Bianna Iguaçumec establish a long-term relationship with the clients and offers an integral system of reliable and fast after-sales service, helping to maintain the equipment in optimal conditions, so processes can never stop.

Apply for a maintenance plan for your equipment or treatment plants is the best way to guarantee:

  • Equipment and staff security.
  • Greater equipment lifespan.
  • Equipment permanent availability.
  • High productivity and performance level.

Bianna Iguaçumec offers several maintenance plans which can be particularly adapted to each equipment work or classification plants as well as to the number of working hours.

  • M1-Regular Preventive inspections
  • M2–Regular Preventive inspections
  • Quick Service – QS1 Basic (Preventive + Corrective)
  • Quick Service – QS1 Plus (Preventive + Corrective)
  • Quick Service – QS2 (Preventive + Corrective)


 M1  M2  QS1 Basic  QS1 Plus  QS2
Monitoring system on dates set out
Travel costs
Reports with regular checking and condition of each equipment
Service materials


M1 M2 QS1 Basic QS1 Plus  QS2
Any failure coverage, apart from bumps and inappropriate use
Service materials
Wearing parts

By using our know-how we can offer a personalized maintenance fitting the client’s needs. From an integral maintenance with Bianna Iguaçumec’s workforce entirely dedicated to the control and supervision of the operating system, to the cleaning and maintenance of the treatment plant and different equipment regular checking suggestion regarding the client’s needs.

Finally, our company is focused on preventive regular inspections to keep optimal operating  conditions of the equipment, therefore the warranty period is ensured.